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Saturday, March 28, 2015

One Word: Frameworks!!

I LOVED this challenge.  Frameworks.  One word, that's all, just use a Frameworks die any way you like!!  I needed a simple challenge this time due to all the stuff going on in my life (can I get an amen???).  Besides this one just gave me joy.  I like joy.

This is sort of a personal message for me as I'm going through some changes personally and professionally that are exciting and a tiny bit scary.  I'm really jazzed about the future "and so the adventure begins...."
I cut a couple of sections of Tim's Trellis Frameworks die out of Grungeboard.  I glued that down the lateral border of a #10 tag.  I like #10 tags.  I used some sewing pattern tissue and tore sections of it and glued them down over the Frameworks.  I took a stiff paint brush (Dina Wakley's brushes work nicely) and used them like a stencil brush, working the tissue down into and around the Frameworks shape.  This idea came from a tech Candy Colwell uses brushing gesso over dimensional shapes and then painting or spraying.  I can't remember where I got the idea of adding the layers of tissue.  If I remember, I'll edit this post.  My poor brain.....
 I thought it was kind of cool that the word "vogue" was just where I was was tearing tissue, so that HAD to go down on my tag.
 I painted over all the tag with Dina Wakley's Turquoise paint.  Then I painted over all that with Gesso and then painted over with Turquoise paint again.  I don't know why I painted with the first coat of Turquoise.  #dontjudgeme  I just did.
Then I spritzed over the Frameworks area with Antiqued Bronze Distress Spray Stain.  I used a little rubbing alcohol (surgical spirits) on a cotton cloth and rubbed over the high areas where the Frameworks die is raised.
These are the things I used to create just the background of the tag.  I used Walnut Stain Distress Ink around the edges of the tag and over the Frameworks, rubbing the high areas with rubbing alcohol again.

After the love affair with Remnant Rubs last challenge, I simply had to add a few here.  This was really fun.  I used them on the Frameworks which meant that only some of the Rubs would connect, giving me kind of a partial application.  LOVE.  Really, in love with that.

 I pressed and pushed the Remnant Rubs in the recessed areas to make them conform to the shape.
I used the "untransferred" Rubs onto a spare tag, giving me a head start on a future project.
I used a B Line Designs "Annabelle" stamp for my focal point.  Love this lady, so elegant.  My little signature bird (another B Line stamp) sits on her shoulder.  Tim's sentiment is PERFECT for me now.  The belt, which binds, is now loosened and my lady is ready to fly.
  • Visit Linda's awesome blog (it really is awesome, have you bookmarked it???) to get the lowdown on all the CC3C guidelines
  • Go to your stash and grab that Frameworks die (or order one from Inspiration Emporium)
  • Check your copy of Compendium of Curiosities III (or order it here from The Duke of Distress Hizzelf)  You gotta have your own copy.  You WANT your own copy!!
  • Link your project on Linda's still awesome blog
  • COMMENT on the Curiosity Crew blogs, and be eligible to win fabulous prizes!!!

SOOPER loot from Professor Holtz and his Teaching Assistant, Mario Rossi, for the Curiosity Crew choice
A generous gift certificate from Inspiration Emporium for our random winner!


Saturday, March 14, 2015

CC3C #24 - Remnant Rub Resist

Hey there CC3Cer's!!  I just have to start by saying congratulations to all of you who entered the Collection Folio challenge.  The Curiosity Crew was just bowled over by how cool everyone's projects were.  Even if you didn't enter, I really encourage you to work with one of these.  I can't wait to get some time in a few weeks to work on my next one.  What an inspiring way to create!

And we're off on a new challenge.  Remnant Rub Resist is an easy technique with dramatic results.  I own a scrapbooking and paper arts store and I can tell you all rub ons are not created equal.  I didn't know that and maybe that was one of those things that everybody but me knew.  But I didn't know.  I've bought rub ons because I liked the images but when I tried to use them, they sort of fell apart and didn't transfer well.  Tim's Remnant Rubs are like buttah.  Awesome.  You can position them and just sort of press with your finger and they stay put.  The transfer is complete.  I used his new Remnant Rub Tool and, more buttah.  You must have one of these if you care for Remnant Rubs at all.  Which you will, if you ever try them.  Which you will.

I've had this quote from Hans Christian Anderson in my design notes for a while.  I knew it would shortly make its way into some art and this challenge really lent itself to use it.  You'll want to check Tim's book, Compendium of Curiosities III, to get the low down on the tech, but I've included some details from the other parts of my design for this tag that I hope will be fun to check out.
 I wanted to use the best stamping paper ever, Ranger Specialty Stamping Paper, for the focal point.  I also wanted to use a Wendy Vecchi tech for coloring the butterfly, but I needed to "precolor" as the alcohol would blur the black ink.  I came up with a way to stamp a mask of the butterfly and lay on the SSP.  I used a pin and punched tiny holes to create a general shape.
 I used Cornflower Blue and Chrome Yellow Archival reinkers.  Put 3 or 4 drops of reinker on your craft sheet or in a cup and then add about a 1/2 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol.  I mixed that and then picked up with a pipette and dropped color on my templated butterfly shape.   I did yellow first, then blue, then went back and dropped a little more yellow on the line between the two colors.  I used very little color and dried it, building up layers.
 After I was satisfied with the colors, I stamped the butterfly from Tim's Perspective set with Jet Black Archival ink.  Magic.  This is the reason I wanted to use this paper.  Nothing takes ink like it.
 I cut out the butterfly and then stamped the same imagine on the back.  It just helps with images with any "lift" to have something on the back to make them look finished.
Edges of the butterfly inked with Vintage Photo, as everything everywhere should be.
 A couple of other details.  I used Tim's new Flourish Layered Stencil with Wendy Vecchi Crackle Embossing Paste.  Once dry, I blended some Distress Inks over the whole tag (Broken China, Tattered Rose, Tea Dye) and then I mixed a little Tea Dye Distress Stain with water and used a pipette to add color right on the crackle embossing paste.  I liked how it filled in the cracks and added a grungy shadow on the flourish.
One must have a little flower!  In a Tim Holtz glass vial, filled with microbeads and tied with a little organza ribbon.  One must have all these things.  Oh!!  Good news, you can add Remnant Rubs on tope of Remnant Rubs.  The little touch of harlequin on the dictionary text helped balance out this piece.

What say you?  Perfect challenge to just add this one technique to anything that is inspiring you these days.  It is going to be a BLAST to see what you come up with!!  Be sure and check out Linda Ledbetter's blog for the guidelines, and give all my Curiosity Crew sisters some love.  We are prepared to be blown away by your talent.  We're getting used to your awesomeness!!

Our challenge is sponsored by the lovely Linda Coughlin at The Funkie Junkie Boutique.  A random draw will win you a $25 gift certificate to go crazy there!  The Curiosity Crew Choice will win a groovy prize package donated by Hizzoner Tim Holtz and his Logistics Director Mario Rossi.  Very generous, and how cool to win a prize directly from Tim!!!  Would you like that?  Would you?  That's what I thought.  

Go for it, why shouldn't you be the next winner??!!