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Friday, April 29, 2011

Ranger U - Day 1

This is amazing.  Just amazing!  Rick and I got up at 3 am on Thursday to get to the aiport for a 7 am departure.  I arrived in Chicago at 10:30 for what was supposed to be a 2 hour layover and due to terrible weather all along the eastern seaboard, got stuck there for 7 hours.  My flight kept getting delayed over & over and I was afraid it was going to be cancelled, which would mean no Ranger U for me.  Finally, we took off and I met up with several others with whom I had planned to share a shuttle to Tinton Falls.  Fell into bed at 2 am.  And mine wasn't even the worst story!!

Up early this morning for Day 1 at Ranger University!  All my expectations were exceeded and my expectations were HIGH!  Tim was incredible, of course, teaching all day.  My head is brimming with class ideas!  I'm learning so many new techniques, a large variety of ways to use Perfect Pearls, embossing powders, playing with stamps and inks and being surrounded by tremendously talented artists from literally all over the world.  Good day.

 Tim, laying it down.
Yvonne, official Best Roommate Ever.

I expect to sleep soundly tonight, and and spend the morning with Claudine Hellmuth.  Am I really here??  :-)

Monday, April 25, 2011

NEW Flower Soft!

Just got a new order of Flower Soft, in the newest yummy colors.
I also got Toppers.  I've never done these before, but I've seen some samples using them and they are very sweet.  Really simple to get a very elegant effect.  Even if you're just a beginner, you'll have a lovely card for family and friends.  And Mother's Day is right around the corner!

LOTSO Ultra Fine Flower Soft.  This stuff is so cool, so many ways to use this unique, pretty dimensional texture on your pieces.  Very pretty new colors, too.  This is not the greatest pic, but I really like the basket, so I included it.  Come by and pick through it.  ;-)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Accepted! Going to Ranger U!!

Yeah!!  I am SO excited to be attending Ranger U April 29 - May 2 in Tinton Falls, New Jersey at Ranger Industries.   I got this email from Tim Holtz and didn't open it right away, because I SO wanted to go and was afraid it would not say:
But it did!  I've been emailing back & forth with some of the other attendees, coordinating sharing hotels & shuttle services.  Even tho I feel like a weeney in a steak house, they all are super nice and everyone is just as excited as I am to get to go.
I'll be Facebooking & tweeting from Ranger U. 
When I get back, I'll be excited to share EVERYTHING I've learned.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Home from Texas

This sight just feeds my soul.  I went home this year, timed to see the bluebonnets and my timing couldn't have been better.  They were everywhere and kept getting prettier each day.  I don't know if I was there for the "peak", but I sure may have.  The blooms just opened more and more and the color got brighter every day. 
One last shot on the way to the airport.  The joke is that in Texas every child needs three things when they start school: their birth certificate, immunization records, and a picture of themselves in the bluebonnets. 
I'm all set!

My luggage tags worked beautifully!  It was good to go home; and good to come back home.  My heart is full.