Birds & Words

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ribbon Cutting!

Well, we did it, didn't we! So many of you showed up to celebrate with us and I've never felt richer. I love you all so much. I know I'm gushing, but my heart is full. I'll gush a little more and then I'll be done. :-)
So we're off. We had a great day on Saturday, lots of folks in who were here last summer. I heard many times, "Wow, we were there just a week before the fire!" and "We thought of you and prayed for you." People I didn't know or didn't know well who's hearts were moved and were blessing us from afar. This is what community means. Love it. Love you all.
I hope you'll stop in and say hello if you're close by. And if you're not close by, I hope you'll pack up, get in the car or on a plane and come to Estes Park and walk down the riverwalk and come in and give me a hug. Its going to be a GREAT summer!
~thankfully, always~

Friday, May 14, 2010

Do you think you need just one more paper or stamp?

You are in good company! I love this scene from the "The Jerk". How many times have I thought, "If I just had this tool, or this paper or this stamp or this ink, THEN I'd be all set. THEN I'd have all I need!" Ah, well. Too much cool stuff. Thank you, Mr. Steve Martin, for illustrating that vague feeling scrapbookers & paper artists have for needing just one more thing! :-)

p.s. Sorry for the quality of the video. Its the only one I could find.

Home for Stamper's Anonymous

Isn't it pretty?? Such a sweet piece. Rick is going to take the wire mesh out of the doors for me so you can see the stamps right through the door and I am, of course, going to put on new knobs. Stamper's Anonymous stamps are to be here early next week. I think they'll look great in here.

So very close to being reopened now. My largest order is received & processed so now I'm just adding bit by bit which feels less overwhelming. The Riverwalk continuation should happen next week, weather permitting. Lots to look forward to and, as always, I'm a thankful girl. Come see me!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A new find....

Just found a new product called "Sure Cuts a Lot". Its a software program you can download onto our computer. You can cut any shape or font that is on your computer on your Cricut. I can't wait! I've been playing with some fonts that I use regularly, downloaded some new free fonts and I can also cut the logo for the store! Can't sleep. I keep thinking of new ways to use it.

Trouble is, I'm in TX now and don't have my Cricut with me. BUT I'm loving being with my family, so that's okay. I'll just have something fun to look forward to when I get home!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So that's alright....

Didn't make it for Ranger U. Again. Ugh.

I am in Texas right now getting my accent tuned up, lots of love from my fam and way lots of Mexican food. I'll take pounds off later. Gots to be acceptin' the blessings, you know? Also, Blue Bell ice cream. Mmmmmmmmm........