Birds & Words

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Traveling at breakneck speed, but enjoying the journey!

I've got an appointment to get a cut & color July 8. When I schedule a follow up appointment, just a few short weeks later (days, really) I am amazed at the date. This follow up will be late September or early October. The summer gone! Seems to speed up the calendar, somehow.

And time marches on with Rocky Mountain Memories and the workshop calendar. The next class is Birds & Words. I don't have pics of the projects because I'm expecting stamps from B-Line Designs to be here Wednesday. I'll pull an all nighter and get projects and packets ready for class Thursday morning.

I'll put up pics ASAP. Call the store (970.577.1415) or email me ( if you want to sign up. You know me, Birds & Words, two of my favorite things!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Coaster Mini-book

Here are pics of the projects we'll do for this class. Paper and embellishments may vary for the class you attend. The square mini book is the one we'll decorate & complete.

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I FINALLY have workshops planned for the summer. I'll post them here, but you can always check the website and can even sign up there! (You can also sign up by calling or coming to the store or by email; 970-577-1415 and I've planned a full schedule. Can we do it? Of course we can!!

This is where you'll see the "paper arts" element of the store. Card classes are included at least once a month. Other weeks are other kinds of paper arts projects that stand alone or teach projects that create embellishments for your cards and scrapbook pages.

We start next week with:

Coaster Mini Books
Thursday, June 25
Saturday, June 27
Monday, June 29
(All classes will be from 9 am to noon)
Make 2 mini-books with two different bindings; one book will be embellished, the other will be for you to finish at home. BRING: Scissors, bone folder & glue stick (I recommend UHU). I'll have a bone folder & scissors to share if you are here on vacation or don't have yours with you.

Birds & Words
Thursday, July 2
Monday, July 6
(All classes will be from 9 am to noon)
This one is mainly because I really like that phrase. :-) And also really like birds and really, really like words.
This is our traditional 3 designs, 3 cards & envelopes each. Designs using birds & text. Our options are wide open because there are so many choices for stamps & paper. I personally can't wait for this one! Because of July 4, I'm just doing two sesssion for this, so don't delay in signing up. I'll try to repeat this later for you Saturday only students.
BRING: Double stick adhesive & scissors.

Tag Booklet
Thursday, July 9
Saturday, July 11
Monday, July 13
(All classes will be from 9 am to noon)
Make 2 booklets that accomodate tags; the tags can be used for words, quotes, as a birthday greeting for a best friend, or someone you want to do something special for; you can make it a little memory book with pictures tucked inside. Sweet! BRING: Four empty toliet paper rolls, scissors, glue stick. Start saving those TP rolls now! I'll be saving them, too, but I don't promise to have extras for everyone, so do your best. If you have less than three, you can still do the project, just with fewer pages.

There are more workshops listed on the website, so check it out there. Remember, most parking downtown is 3 hours, so park behind the five & dime if you can.

Okay, that's it for now. I'll get pics of the Coaster Mini-books posted this afternoon. Yippee!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stuff I Need to Do....

1. Plan summer schedule for classes & workshops.
2. Make progress on the website.
3. Get logo finalized and signs ordered and applied to windows.
4. Order Bazzill cardstock.
5. Go to Jen Lowe's for an AWESOME creative day; learning happens if you just sit next to her at lunch. :-)
6. Make cookies for my AWESOMER son who is home for the summer (YeaHH!!).
7. Go see school with my EXCEEDINGLY AWESOME daughter whom I love completely.
8. Clean out & organize back room @ store.
9. Are you bored yet? I could go on.

Every day I get more done and every Monday I'm happy knowing that Friday a number of things will be clicked off this list.

Oh, and stop and smell the wild mountain irises. Gotta do that, too. :-)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturdays in Summer in EP....

I love early mornings and I love Saturdays. Headed to a G-sale this morning for a couple of items I need (does anyone else actually have a shopping list when you go to garage sales???) and then to the shop where we've got a 9 am workshop.

We got some more product in yesterday, so I'll be in early to get that out. The store is really taking shape and looking sharp. I'll get some updated pics this morning and get them posted in a day or two.

Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day......

Thursday, June 11, 2009

And we're off!

Workshops have begun at the new Rocky Mountain Memories location (140 Moraine Avenue, 3 doors east of the historic Park Theater, downtown Estes, on the river!!). We had a lot of fun, learned a lot; I learned a lot! It was a bit crowded with the big group, but we've got some new tables, new configuration that will make workshops for comfortable for you.

A note to students: be aware that many of the parking spaces downtown are marked 3 hour spaces and they will ticket you. If you park behind the "five & dime" (don't you love it that we live in a town that has a five & dime??), you'll be fine.
New Wordsworth rubber stamps came in yesterday. So beautiful, I can't stand it. Love those flowy fonts!

Come see me!