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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

CHA Recap Part 2

I wanted to share just a few more photos with you from CHA.  These tags were done by my good friend Candy Colwell and displayed in the Ranger booth.  I think the only thing better than getting to go to CHA is to go and see your work displayed at the Ranger booth!

 How sweet is this??  She's used Tim's Doily die to make a skirt for the manequin.  Adorable.

 I love this tag.  Living in a resort community makes you appreciate travel stuff and the travel theme is very popular this year, again!!


Photo courtesy of Jim the Gentleman Crafter

Here's Candy (in the red sweater) and Linda Ledbetter leaving an evening soiree.  Jim the Gentleman watching and me leaving out the door.  I love this pic of Candy & Linda.  :-)

Photo courtesy of Jim the Gentleman Crafter

Chatting with Jim about a possible visit to RMM.  VERY cool!!  I caught him at the Graphic 45 booth.  No surprise there!

 This very cool travel journal got a lot of buzz, created by the talented Debi Adams.

 Beautiful art journal created by Tammy Tutterow.  If you don't follow her blog, you should add it to your list, you're missing out!

 I thought this was gorgeous, but I didn't get the artist, sorry.  Artists names aren't always posted with their art at CHA.  Too bad.

Same with this piece.  I loved it so I grabbed the photo.


Thanks for reliving my CHA experience with me.  This was the most special year ever.  I expect every year will feel that way.  :-)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

CHA Recap Part 1

I'm probably the last one to blog their recap of CHA Winter 2013 from Anaheim, California, but here goes!  I'm going to do this in two parts or else this blog post will be way too long.  I've got a lot to share with you about the amazing people, the beautiful projects and the exciting products we go to see this year.
Hels Sheridan, Candy Colwell, Cheryl Grigsby, Mario Rossi, Yvonne Blair, Tim Holtz & Linda Ledbetter
The irony of CHA is that we're often asked "what's the one thing you saw you're most excited about?" or "what's your favorite new, exciting thing?"  People at CHA ask each other these questions, and usually, you've seen SO much, the answer is kind of a blank stare.  A friend asked me when I got home that question this way, "What is the one thing that made the whole trip worth it?"  The answer was easy.  The dear people, the treasured friendships.  This year we able able to have a Ranger U Airport Girls reunion, all five of us.  We got a picture with Tim & Mario at the Ideaology booth and I'll treasure it always.
Susan Mostek, Jim the Gentleman Crafter, Cheryl Grigsby
I couldn't believe we got to meet this talented guy.  Jim the Gentleman Crafter is getting a LOT of notice due to his innovative creations in steampunk style.  The best thing is he couldn't be a nicer guy.  Jim the Gentleman?  Yes, he is.  Be sure and check out his blog.
Wendy Vecchi
 Lady Wendy Vecchi demoing at the Stampers Anonymous booth.  I don't know how she does it but every picture she's ever taken turns out great, even the ones I take!!  Guess she's been hanging out with Tim a lot.
Cheryl Grigsby, Lisa Pace, Ronda Palazzari & Susan Mostek
Cheryl, Lisa Pace, Ronda Palazzari & Susan.  I can't wait for you guys to meet Lisa Pace April 26 & 27.  This girl is a party!  So sweet, so creative.  We're gonna have a blast!   Check out her website here.

Linda Ledbetter, Ellen Vargo, Candy Colwell, Hels Sheridan, Susan Mostek & Cheryl Grigsby
Here is the new and improved, expanded version of the Airport Girls.  Missing from the photo are original Airport Girl Yvonne Blair, whom I absolutely adore, and freshly adopted this season, the stunning Anita Houston.  I can't say enough about my lovely talented friends.  I strongly suggest you also check out blogs for:
Inspiration will ensue!!
 The Prima booth is always a must see and this year was no exception.  Here are a few projects using the Lyric collection, soon to arrive at Rocky Mountain Memories.

 I love the funky layered look abundant in Maya Road's booth.  I got to spend some time with Lisa Pace, Ronda Palazzari and Emily Pitts there checking out the samples and choosing new products for RMM.  The above mini album is Emily's creation.  I wish my pictures were better, but I hope you can catch the grungy goodness Emily has featured in this little book for her daughter.

 LOVE this little mini book, I kept going back to it.  Of course, I had to have it.
Lots of die cut openings and windows.
 These adorable little messenger bags come ready to alter and, wait for it, are sized for your iPad or tablet.  Ya!!  Ronda is teaching a class with these in May, but of course I won't be able to wait till then to alter one for myself.  I'm a purse girl, you know.
 Be sure and check out all the links & blogs I've posted here.  There are a lot of recaps that have captured other pictures, projects & artists that you'll enjoy looking at.  I'll work on my Recap Part 2 which will feature work from Tammy Tutterow, Jim the Gentleman Crafter, and others.  It will post in just a day or two, but until then, just.....