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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

LOVE Makes the World Go 'Round

Anyone else beginning to think about Valentine's Day?  After all the last minute press to get out my Christmas cards, I look forward to getting a nice head start on making valentines!

Not much technique today, just a quick blog post.  A simple globe die cut, some alphabet stamps and a felt die cut "Love" from Creative Impressions Heart Felt Assortment are layered onto a 6 x 6 card.

So there's a simple valentine for you today.  My word this year is "simplify" and its already giving grace to my life.  When I find myself on Amazon, tossing stuff in the cart, I remember "simplify" and delete everything.  When I'm stressing over too many rooms to vacuum and wild dust motes that refuse to be tamed, I remember "simplify" and enjoy watching them dance in the ray of sunshine.  When I look at today's task list and know I'll never get through it all, I remember "simplify" and just pick three and let the rest go back to sleep till I'm ready for them.

Maybe I'll do a project soon using "simplify" as my theme and inspiration.

What's your word?

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Creative Impressions Snowflake Pocket Tags

Happy New Year everyone!  We've made it through Christmas and bring it on 2018!!  I've begun the New Year by creating this sparkly cold winter pocket tag card.  Creative Impressions makes a variety of snow flake embellishments that layer beautifully to mimic the magic of fresh snow.  I love sending personalized birthday greetings to friends who have winter birthdays!

Hope you enjoy this tutorial.

I used masking tape to join two #8 manila shipping tags.

I folded them together and and adhered them with another line of masking tape.

I painted the tag front with gesso.  While the gesso was still wet, I pressed Creative Impressions Felt Snowflakes onto the tag.  Cream or white is best.

Now a layer of DecoArt Media Crackle paint.  Best to let this dry naturally to get a nice fine crackled surface.

I thinned a pea sized dot of Cerulean Blue DecoArt Media acrylic paint two pea dots of Ranger Multi Medium Matte.  I dry brushed this over the surface of the tag and felt snowflakes.

I layered up a mixture of Felt Snowflakes, Shimmer Snowflakes, and Snowflake Paper Fasteners.  I didn't use everything I prepared and I'll have some extras for another tag or a starting element for a new card.  I keep a "starter basket" of thing like this to get me going on new projects.

Arrange snowflakes on the tag in a random, snowflake falling fashion.  I added some silver glass glitter on the brads later for more sparkle.

Sweet message ribbons tied at the top add to the cold blue winter feel.

I sealed the bottom of the two tags, leaving the right side open for a gift card.

Creative Impressions silver frame over a rubon completes the birthday message.


I'm a summer girl but appreciate these cold days when I want to stay inside and just create.  I've found a new way to organize all my Creative Impressions embellishments that I'll share on an upcoming blog post.  Stay warm, friends, and create art!!