Birds & Words

Friday, May 15, 2009

I've found my voice!!

I've been very quiet on this blog for a bit, but LOTS going on behind the scenes. I can finally speak!

I just signed a lease to open a store downtown in Estes Park, Colorado. Rocky Mountain Memories. A dream I've had and I'm seeing it realized. Or beginning to be realized.

I've prayed and asked for God's direction and that I not be guided by fear. I've discovered that's a huge prayer. I don't know if I realized how much I am guided by fear. Whenever I felt afraid, I can hear God say, don't listen to that. Caution is different from fear, and caution should be heeded. But I think, maybe, just maybe, I'm growing a little.

I'll be updating and posting pics regularly now. Stay tuned. Check back often.

I'm a thankful girl.


  1. what? what?
    come on! how did i not know this?
    i am sooooo happy! sooooo happy!
    i would so love to talk to you but i know how much you dislike phone convos.

    i love you! :)