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Monday, October 26, 2009

One Week Later

A week ago today things changed. Our lovely store sustained damage, our friends & merchant neighbors sustained far greater damage.

So where are we today?

I haven't updated much, because there hasn't been a lot to update. We really had to wait for the investigations to be completed for us to make much progress. The ATF ruled that the cause of the fire was accidental, due to several things converging. They believe it began by a natural gas water heater in a small enclosure in the music box store in the mall.

We have been able to get in the store for brief periods to get computer, files & irreplaceable items out. The site has now been released by investigative authorities to the reconstruction guys. We expect a professional team to go in and do clean up.

We've got a small space behind the store near the post office as a staging area to bring what we can out of the store and to take delivery on new inventory.

Thanks again so much for all who have offered prayer, love and care for us. We've had dozens and dozens who have offered to help, and have had no way to accept help until now. We could use someone to just sweep and spiff up our staging area before we move stuff in if anyone has some time to do that. Its empty and pretty small. Call me or send an email if you can help.

Thanks again to everyone (I'll have to say that a lot; hope you don't get tired of hearing it). I'll post again soon!

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