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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ranger U

I'm applying to Ranger U again this year. I am VERY excited and hope I am selected! You guys know what a Tim fan I am and today's post is dedicated to showing a representative sample of my work for my application.

Tim, if you're viewing this, thanks for considering me and I'd love to learn from you and Claudine & Suze in June. My peeps here in the Rocky Mountains hope so, too; they are eager to come to classes and play with all things Ranger!


  1. gorgeously detailed as always.
    amazing work, friend :)

  2. Love these - I hope they pick you too - then we'll all get to learn! ~chris

  3. Good luck, Cheryl! I hope you get in. What fun that would be. Spending three days with Tim in classes in Fort Collins several years ago is a time I will treasure forever!