Birds & Words

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Webster's On the Way!

I'm a strange bird.  After Christmas and the Super Bowl, I don't really see the point of winter anymore and am ready for spring.  Which makes winter REALLY long for me, because my expectations are so out of whack and unrealistic.

When my kids were little, they had a book called "Big Bird Brings Spring to Sesame Street" or something like that.  Anyway, Big Bird is tired of winter and so goes to a florist and buys flowers and goes around giving one flower to all his friends.  I think I want to do this with Webster's Pages.  Spring Market will bring a little spring to Estes Park in the midst of winter.  Let it come!

So you know what I love?  When I just hear about new Webster's Pages lines and I order them, sight unseen, and then I see them and they are even better than I expected.  Below is one paper in the "Spring Market" line, coming soon to Rocky Mountain Memories.  This is Gardner's Seeds.  All the pages have the signature rich Webster's colors and the earthiness I just love. 

Gardener's Seeds

Double click on the picture to see a larger image.  Yeah, Spring!


  1. Oh my these papers are absolutely gorgeous! I know just how you feel about being impatient for spring to arrive - are we there yet? I really want to come up and visit - have to see how the weather treats us though. You have some lovely stuff up there that I can't wait to get my hands on!!!!! ~chris

  2. I've said the same thing for years. Once Christmas is over, what's the point of freezing every day? Maybe I should try the flower thing and see if it helps.

    Are you going to CHA?