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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Accepted! Going to Ranger U!!

Yeah!!  I am SO excited to be attending Ranger U April 29 - May 2 in Tinton Falls, New Jersey at Ranger Industries.   I got this email from Tim Holtz and didn't open it right away, because I SO wanted to go and was afraid it would not say:
But it did!  I've been emailing back & forth with some of the other attendees, coordinating sharing hotels & shuttle services.  Even tho I feel like a weeney in a steak house, they all are super nice and everyone is just as excited as I am to get to go.
I'll be Facebooking & tweeting from Ranger U. 
When I get back, I'll be excited to share EVERYTHING I've learned.


  1. Happy for you. Isn't this what you wanted to go to last year?

  2. finally. like mike would say
    "it's a christmas miracle!"

  3. Yes this is the third time I've applied. Yippee! A miracle indeed.

  4. Congrats! Have a blast, I really enjoyed your store today! Visit my blog sometime maybe we can do something online artsy in the future.