Birds & Words

Friday, October 28, 2011

Blue Skies, Green Trees, White Snow

One of my favorite things about Colorado is the brilliant contrast of color after a heavy snow.  Its even more pronounced in the fall with some of the aspen gold peaking out from snow covered branches.  Its going to be a beautiful weekend and this snow won't last long. Come and enjoy while it's here!

Did you sit on this bench this summer?  It might be a little wet & chilly today.  You better come on in and have some tea and do some creating!

You'll have no problem getting here.  The path to the shop is clean and Rick & Ted maintain it very well!

Just follow the Riverwalk Connection over the river & to the shop.
A little tune just began in my head.....

The parking lot is clear and dries up quickly in the sun.
We've got classes today with the lovely Susan Mostek. 
Creatives are collecting for hot tea and paper crafting.
Hope to see YOU soon!


  1. Beautiful!!! What a wonderland you live in!

  2. Hi, Cheryl and Rick! What lovely snow and beautiful pictures...they look like postcards. Wishing we could be there to enjoy the majestic beauty.
    How fun, Susan Mostek classes...simply the BEST!
    Hugs to you!