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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

They're Here.....

The most frequently asked question when we get back from CHA is "What did you see that you're most excited about?"  Always hard to answer because there's so much to see to be excited about.  But I guess the best answer to that question is what I buy!

Distress Markers are a new addition to the Ranger line and are markers with a twist.  You may think there are lots of markers out there, why do I need these?  Simply answered, because they're Distress.  
  • They have most of the properties of the Distress line, but are specialized for a marker application.  
  • We all love & use the Distress pads.  Last year we went large with Distress Stains, applying a lot of color to a large area quickly.  Now we can go detail with Distress Markers.  
  • They blend beautifully, you can paint with them, use them with Stains to blend, blend with each other, and all the time have all 37 fabulous Distress colors.
 Tim's newest book is awesome.  I read the whole thing last night and its even better than Volume 1.  Lots of new techniques, including the newest embellishments and Ranger products.  The Distress Stains are not even in Volume 1, but both those and Distress Markers are included here.  This is a great resource, one you'll reach for often.

I'll be posting more on the newest things arriving from Mr. UPS and Mr. Fedex.  I'm seeing these happy guys daily now, and I'm unpacking as quickly as I can!

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