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Friday, December 21, 2012

A Pinterest Christmas!

Anyone else inspired by Pinterest these days? I've been pinning tons of ideas, especially for one of my favorite things at Christmas, wrapping gifts. I really like finding unconventional ways to wrap and decorate gifts. I consider the ways gifts are wrapped as part of my Christmas decorations, and a part that can change every year. I saw this idea and thought it was very cool, so I used it.

I don't buy much wrapping paper. I usually have a roll of brown shipping paper and maybe one other roll, usually just red & white. I figure the tree is green, so I don't want any green in my paper. There are touches of green in some of the ribbons. I buy wire edged ribbon which I use over & over.

The idea is to use monograms rather than "TO & FROM" tags. I just printed these from my computer, had copies made and then cut them out and glued to the front of the gifts. Its easy to tell who they're to, and pretty easy to tell who they're from, too!!

I think they're pretty cute and a fun & easy way to make your tree pretty.

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  1. This is such a cool idea! I love it! Hey, thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog about the birthday album. :) I can't wait for CHA! Not too long now!!! WooHoo!!! Merry Christmas, Cheryl! <3 Candy

  2. I want to be in THAT living room, sitting next to the fire, sipping something yummy, listening to Steve Tindle sing "Oh Holy Night". Love you and miss you.......Gini

  3. Hope I remember to do this next year. So cute.