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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

CHA Recap Part 2

I wanted to share just a few more photos with you from CHA.  These tags were done by my good friend Candy Colwell and displayed in the Ranger booth.  I think the only thing better than getting to go to CHA is to go and see your work displayed at the Ranger booth!

 How sweet is this??  She's used Tim's Doily die to make a skirt for the manequin.  Adorable.

 I love this tag.  Living in a resort community makes you appreciate travel stuff and the travel theme is very popular this year, again!!


Photo courtesy of Jim the Gentleman Crafter

Here's Candy (in the red sweater) and Linda Ledbetter leaving an evening soiree.  Jim the Gentleman watching and me leaving out the door.  I love this pic of Candy & Linda.  :-)

Photo courtesy of Jim the Gentleman Crafter

Chatting with Jim about a possible visit to RMM.  VERY cool!!  I caught him at the Graphic 45 booth.  No surprise there!

 This very cool travel journal got a lot of buzz, created by the talented Debi Adams.

 Beautiful art journal created by Tammy Tutterow.  If you don't follow her blog, you should add it to your list, you're missing out!

 I thought this was gorgeous, but I didn't get the artist, sorry.  Artists names aren't always posted with their art at CHA.  Too bad.

Same with this piece.  I loved it so I grabbed the photo.


Thanks for reliving my CHA experience with me.  This was the most special year ever.  I expect every year will feel that way.  :-)


  1. It was so great meeting you at the show!

    1. I loved meeting you! I'm figuring out that some of these other photos are of your work, as well. TT goodness all over. <3