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Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Other Passion

Besides paper and ink, I love to refresh old furniture. I reworked my studio a few weeks ago and needed a piece for die cutting. I knew just the dimensions and configuration I needed and decided I'd wait until exactly the right piece came along. Which took about 2 weeks. GREAT!! Here's the one I found, a cherry sideboard.

I bought it a garage sale in a bundle, along with a sofa table and two side tables.

I've only finished one piece, the one I needed for die cutting. Sort of a Vagabond table. :-) Here's the final result, installed & ready to go:

Love it!! I've got a desk I need to complete before I can start working on these other three pieces. But summer is here and its so nice working on these out on the deck.
Reuse, recycle, repurpose. And make things pretty!!

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  1. That is gorgeous Cheryl! How did you do it?

  2. This is AH-MAZING! Love definitely have a gift. I love see the rest of your studio...inquiring minds and all, wink.

  3. I make my own chalk paint. Two coats, sand it down and a coat of soft wax. So much fun!

  4. Cheryl...I had NO IDEA that you were so accomplished at refinishing furniture!!! That piece is absolutely gorgoeus!! I can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks. And...THANK YOU for the very sweet comment you left on my blog. YOU are such a sweet sweet and lovely lady. Love you! <3 Candy