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Friday, August 12, 2016

Sun, Moon, & Stars..... August Challenge

What a brilliant theme for our challenge this month with Perseids meteor showers right now.  Pretty smart, Yvonne Blair, did you do that on purpose??  
The original post for this month is here.  Click through and join us!
SO, so many ways to go with this one and I hope you'll all give it a go.  There's plenty of time left in August and you have inspiration all around you.  I had this beautiful quote pinned for a while.  For me, it always begins with words and these words inspired me.

I  experimented a little with Ken Oliver's Color Burst on burlap.  I dry brushed some DecoArt Titanium White paint on the burlap canvas first to give a bit of foundation for the pigments.  I used Indigo, Violet and Ultramarine Blue Color Burst powders.  I sprinkled a bit of powder and then spritzed with water.   The burlap absorbed quite a bit of the Color Burst, so next time I'll change the technique some, which I'll describe below.
Then I added some Embossing Paste.  I mixed some Diamond Stickles into the Embossing Paste to see if the sparkle would come through. 
 It did come through but not enough so I tapped some extra Stickles on the canvas with my finger to give it some night sky sparkle.  It was really interesting so see how the Embossing Paste picked up some of the Color Burst.  I'll have to play with that some more.
 I tried to use Tim Holtz rub ons onto the burlap, but NOTHING sticks to burlap willingly.  So I put the rub on onto a bit of tissue and then glued to the burlap with matte medium.  Next time, I'll probably cover the entire burlap with tissue to provide a base for the Color Burst.  
Love experimenting!
These stars are Yvonne Blair Impression Obsession stamps.  I LOVE them.  So fun to cut and layer them.  They gave me a little dimension to this piece.  I used a manila page from my Ink Art Journal, added some Lemon Yellow Color Burst and spritzed with Sunflower Perfect Pearls Mist.  


Be sure and check and and leave some love for my art sisters Candy Colwell and Annette Green for their Sun, Moon, and/or Stars challenge pieces.  Susan Mostek is up next!!


  1. Cheryl...this is a beautiful burlap canvas!! Very original and the sentiment is lovely. I've never heard it before. Yvonne's star stamps stacked are super cute! Love the use of color bursts and stickers, too. Way to go, girlfriend!

  2. I love your canvas! Fabulous. And I love love love the sentiment. Really cool how you colorized. Love the star pins too.

  3. This is beautiful, a wonderful night sky filled with stars, what could be better! Good to know how the Bursts react with burlap, thanks for sharing that. Anne xx

  4. Gorgeous canvas Cheryl, the last two evenings we have had beautiful sunsets and then stunning star filled skies, so your canvas could have been modelled on them. Thanks for the tip on using tissue paper first, crafters are sooo kind at sharing tips and information. Xx

  5. Nothing like the wonderful texture of burlap to make your art dramatic. Love this, Cheryl. Sorry I'm so late with my comments.

  6. So fun, happy and playful Cheryl! j.