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Monday, March 30, 2009

22 reasons I love Tim Holtzie stuff

1. Its so grungie-fied.
2. He gives ordinary stuff character.
3. The techniques.
4. Lots of ways to use Distress Inks so achieve an amazing array of effects.
5. He makes it look SO easy.
6. It IS so easy!
7. It seems all the times I've wished I had a tool that would ....., he comes up with just that tool.
8. All the jazz he throws on projects.
9. The clocks.
10. The keys.
11. 50 different shades of brown.
12. The richness of his other colors.
13. Books & journals.
14. He's a great teacher.
15. Birds.
16. Branches.
17. Flourish & whimsey.
18. He puts crowns on almost everything.
19. He puts wings on the rest.
20. Grungeboard.
21. Masks, VERY cool masks.
22. He makes me happy and I really like being happy.

1 comment:

  1. your blog is looking like chocolate.
    i like chocolate.
    i love the layers and your header...
    way to go!
    and i love this post.
    and you. i love you.