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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ribbon Cutting!

Well, we did it, didn't we! So many of you showed up to celebrate with us and I've never felt richer. I love you all so much. I know I'm gushing, but my heart is full. I'll gush a little more and then I'll be done. :-)
So we're off. We had a great day on Saturday, lots of folks in who were here last summer. I heard many times, "Wow, we were there just a week before the fire!" and "We thought of you and prayed for you." People I didn't know or didn't know well who's hearts were moved and were blessing us from afar. This is what community means. Love it. Love you all.
I hope you'll stop in and say hello if you're close by. And if you're not close by, I hope you'll pack up, get in the car or on a plane and come to Estes Park and walk down the riverwalk and come in and give me a hug. Its going to be a GREAT summer!
~thankfully, always~


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! So happy that all is well in your world once again. Seems like a road trip is going to be in order before too long! ~chris

  2. I'd love it. Come & see me; we'll have to speak up over the sound of the river!

  3. 好好充實內在,空袋子是站不起來的。 ..................................................