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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Random Play

I had a chance to sit in my studio and just have a play recently.  No theme, no restrictions, just letting my imagination roam.  I love days like that, don't you?

I had just made up a bunch of layered flowers that were scattered on my desk.  The Pewter Screw Top brads are favorites for flower centers.  The Creative Impressions flowers are Sheer Blossoms & Leave and Felt Blossoms & Leaves, which makes such an interesting texture.

 Both Sheer Blossoms & Leaves and Felt Blossoms & Leaves
come in Small, Medium & Large
and in Tropical, Pastel, Heritage & Bright colors.  I mixed sizes, colors, and materials in making these flowers.

Flower Centers:
Metallic Mini Spiral Clips 85010
Pewter Screw Top 90000
White Mini Round 90111 

Trimmed Layer:
Black Web Ribbon
Gold Glitter Ribbon
Rick Rack


I dropped one of these Twine Flowers on a bit of yellow web ribbon and liked what I saw.  So cool when you accidentally find color combos that make you smile.

More twine flowers paired with a vintage image from Tim's Paper Dolls.  Creative Impressions new buttons make pretty flower centers.  I really liked these bright colors contrasted with black & white images.  

Thin Twine 80604 & Baker's Twine
Yellow Web Ribbon 
____ Buttons
Birthday Greetings Twill Expressions (with "birthday" snipped away) 80471
Tropical Funky Flowers paper fasteners 90663 


Lesson learned: Clean up your work space from time to time, but don't clean it too much.  Those random bits that you keep in front of you can give you a kickstart for a Random Play Day!

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