Birds & Words

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stuff I Need to Do....

1. Plan summer schedule for classes & workshops.
2. Make progress on the website.
3. Get logo finalized and signs ordered and applied to windows.
4. Order Bazzill cardstock.
5. Go to Jen Lowe's for an AWESOME creative day; learning happens if you just sit next to her at lunch. :-)
6. Make cookies for my AWESOMER son who is home for the summer (YeaHH!!).
7. Go see school with my EXCEEDINGLY AWESOME daughter whom I love completely.
8. Clean out & organize back room @ store.
9. Are you bored yet? I could go on.

Every day I get more done and every Monday I'm happy knowing that Friday a number of things will be clicked off this list.

Oh, and stop and smell the wild mountain irises. Gotta do that, too. :-)


  1. sounds like a fun summer with your two kiddos around...counting your blessings! :)

  2. You sound so happy! That makes me happy!