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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Traveling at breakneck speed, but enjoying the journey!

I've got an appointment to get a cut & color July 8. When I schedule a follow up appointment, just a few short weeks later (days, really) I am amazed at the date. This follow up will be late September or early October. The summer gone! Seems to speed up the calendar, somehow.

And time marches on with Rocky Mountain Memories and the workshop calendar. The next class is Birds & Words. I don't have pics of the projects because I'm expecting stamps from B-Line Designs to be here Wednesday. I'll pull an all nighter and get projects and packets ready for class Thursday morning.

I'll put up pics ASAP. Call the store (970.577.1415) or email me ( if you want to sign up. You know me, Birds & Words, two of my favorite things!

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