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Friday, June 11, 2010

Labeling Your Distress Inks

I was working on labels for my Distress Inks yesterday and thought others might like to do the same. Ranger Ink has a link on their site that makes it easy! Go to, click the "Tips and Techniques" tab, and then click "Print Labels for Your Ranger Inks". Then print! I print 4 copies so I can label each side of my Distress Inks. That way, I just put them back in the wire storage without worrying about which edge is showing. Below you see the printed labels. I've cut out a few to use.
Here I've cut individual labels and turned them upside down. I put a piece of double stick tape on the back.

Next I trim the label closely around the words. The label is now sticky on the back.

Now just adhere your labels to each side of the Distress Inks. It nice to have these because the font is already sized correctly to fit. Sure makes it easy to find the one I want. You can then, if you like, apply some ink to these labels. Some people look for words (I am a word girl!!) and some just look for color.

Hope this makes using your Distress Inks even more fun for you. Blessings on you today!!


  1. Hey girl! What a great idea - thanks for sharing. Talked about you at downline yesterday - planning a group road trip for our August meeting. I hope to make it up before that though. We're getting lots of wet stuff down here - hope you aren't getting the white, wet stuff! ~chris

  2. I am new to the woorld of barcode labels and need some advice and suggestions on which barcode label printer to go for? I have already been told that the Printronix and the Zebra range are very good but would like a bit more input.

    Thanks in advance

  3. I always have trouble keeping my Distress Inks identifiable. Thanks for the heads up.

    We met this weekend at the store. I really enjoyed our conversation. We talked about water color techniques. You blog is great.

    Shirley ESterly

  4. This is a much better idea than the one I had. I used my Dymo labeler and made labels for each one. And I have all of them, even the new ones! It's no wonder my kids think I'm obsessed.