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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random Stuff.....

Its been a few days since I've blogged because I've been busy teaching and creating!!  So here are some things from the studio.  Hope you enjoy.

The minute I saw this hat stamp I thought of the Red Hat ladies.  I had it on my desk and one day recently just sat down and played with it.  I set the hat on my favorite Paper Bag Studios lady with some Stickles and a red rose.  She's a woman full of joy, living life to the full.  Her laughter comes easily and the years are a song for her.  Don't you want to be her?
I really love incorporating nature and simple things into my work.  I've got this ENORMOUS roll of screen in my studio that I bought at Home Depot.  I love it with birds, butterflies and nature things.  I put a bit on the front of this card over a couple of butterflies, but one got away!  Flying free.  Fly away, little butterfly!!
Newest and coolest thing.  Truly.  I just am having the most fun with Distress Stains.  WAY lots of times, I'm picking up a piece, pondering what to do with it and the answer is Distress Stains.  This stuff is going to change the look of your art.  Write down today's date. Six months from now, look back at your work before and after that date.  I think you'll see a difference.  Distress Stains.  Why wait?  You can get very intense color with very light shades.  Its weird.  And fabulous.
This is a chipboard (yes, chipboard!!) flower pot that sat on my desk and, sigh, I just never had time for the poor little thing.  I was going to have to paint it, but it was so big and it was going to take some time and quite a bit of paint to get the coverage I wanted and then I thought, "Distress Stain.  That would do it."  I picked it up and, boom, it was done in just a few minutes, no clean up.  Stop being mean to yourself.  Get some Distress Stains in your studio now. 

And come to Rocky Mountain Memories to learn to use them.  :-)


  1. You are so creative!! Love them all.

  2. Hi Cheryl - my friend Sabrina and I would like to come up and visit - are you going to be open on Memorial Day? You are closed on Sundays right? Thanks! ~chris